The challenge

Automotive Restoration

Have a Classic Car in need of restoration?
Come across a barnyard find recently that needs TLC?
Need some parts prepped or cleaned but don’t want to risk damaging them?
Chances are whatever aspect of your project you find challenging, our Services can help make your project easier!

The challenge

Historic Preservation

With the ability to operate at a lower pressure, the ECO-100 can clean a business card and will only remove the surface contaminant and not cause surface damage, which makes it perfect for use on soft stone and masonry). If you need to strip rust or paint off a surface and prep it for a new coating, simply turn up the pressure and use a harder abrasive.

Effective on all types of substrates: marble, limestone, granite, brownstone, statues, monuments, tombstones, masonry, precast, brick, brass, copper, bronze, fountains, facades, architectural works.

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